Great Lakes Cruising

Great Lakes cruises take place on the largest body of fresh water in the world. A remnant of the last ice age, the Great Lakes have a shore line that shows the ravages of glaciers and range from areas of immense sand dunes to flat plains and then to rugged and mountainous terrain. The shore teems with wildlife of all kinds and the water and sky are also alive with creatures of their own. In many cases, the shoreline is nearly unchanged from a century ago and gliding along on the deck of a Great Lakes cruise ship today is like stepping back in time to the early part of the century. Cruises are one of the best ways to see the ports and countryside surrounding the Great Lakes.

Great Lakes cruises are often on luxury ships

Great Lakes cruises are often on luxury ships

Great Lakes Passenger Ships

Great Lakes cruises are available on a number of different passenger ships. There are several companies that offer cruises on luxury yachts. Others offer paddle wheelers and some offer schooners and other Tall Ships. There are even a few Great Lakes freighter cruises and tours available. All Great Lakes passenger ships are inspected by the U.S. Coast Guard for safety, and many are constantly refitted and upgraded to always provide state of the art safety and comfort.

Great Lakes cruise themes

Great Lakes cruises offer many different themes from golf to autumn color tours. There are short day trips on glass bottomed boats and weeks long excursions on luxury yachts. Almost every port has at least one ship offering a dinner cruise which is a short cruise lasting a couple of hours and centered around a scrumptious dinner. In several ports these dinner cruises are offered on schooners and other Tall Ships. The offerings are so diverse that one cruise line in Chicago even offers a whale watching tour.

Great Lakes Ports of Call

Great Lakes cruise ships stop at a diverse range of ports from major metropolises like Chicago, Duluth, Detroit and Toronto to small islands like Manitoulin and Mackinac. In between are smaller ports that often still reflect the Victorian times in which they were founded and flourished. Generally speaking, all of the ports will be English speaking and will offer all of the amenities that most travelers are used to.

Great Lakes Cruises often stop a ports with walking paths and waterfront parks

Great Lakes Cruises often stop at ports with walking paths and waterfront parks

Choose a Great Lakes Cruise

Whether it is a luxury cruise, a dinner cruise or a sight seeing tour, the Great Lakes as a destination is a smart decision. With the world filled with turmoil, a Great Lakes cruise can be restful and still afford a feeling of safety that overseas trips might not.