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When they hear the term “small ship cruise,” many people immediately think of a luxury yacht. However, there are a wide variety of cruise options on vessels that could be considered “small ships.” This is especially true when you consider the Great Lakes, where smaller vessels are the norm and a wide variety of options exist.

Perhaps one of the most romantic of choices is a dinner cruise. Almost every port on the Great Lakes has a provider who offers these short jaunts around the harbor. Often, the food is gourmet class and on some of the slightly larger vessels, there may be live music and dancing. In just a couple of hours, you can enjoy not only a wonderful meal, but also a romantic tour of the harbor. In midsummer, this might mean beautiful sunsets; in the spring and fall, it might mean moonlight on the waves, sweet music in the background, and the gentle sway of the ship.

If you want a bit more adventure in your cruise, many ports on the Great Lakes offer tall ship cruises. What could be more romantic than to return to times past when wind power was the primary mover of all vessels on the sea? Don’t be surprised if many of these tall ships also offer a dinner option. In fact, some of them offer dinner options, wine tasting options, ice cream social options and many other choices. The trips are often made during the afternoon or early evening, but a few of the tall ships will carry passengers later into the evening and early night for stargazing expeditions, fireworks shows and sometimes just because. Just remember that these ships are driven by the wind and as a result it is possible for the cruises can run a little longer than scheduled.

Small ship cruises like these take you away from the hassle of everyday life and give you the opportunity to concentrate on your partner without all the normal distractions. You can relax and enjoy the romance of the trip for a couple of hours and still be home early enough to make certain the kids are in bed. Or, if you want, there are providers offering options that will let you stay aboard until late in the night or even overnight as the case may be.

If you decide you would like to try one of these romantic small ship cruises on the Great Lakes, you need to consider what you expect from your cruise and then look for a provider who offers those amenities. That seems like such common advice that many people might think it worthless, but because there are so many different variations of amenities offered, you really need to do your homework if you want to have a satisfactory experience.

For instance, if you hope to have a few cocktails on board, you need to check with your cruise provider to see if the ship serves alcoholic drinks and if these drinks are available anytime during the cruise or just with meals. Some providers offer a cash bar, some include drinks with meals, and some don’t allow alcohol at all.

There are other amenities you may also want to give extra attention to. For instance, one of the simplest of questions to ask a provider of a dinner cruise is “what’s on the menu?” But, in the excitement of scheduling a cruise and arranging for tickets, it is easy to forget to ask this. Sometimes the menu may be somewhat flexible and at others it may not, but if you are planning a dinner cruise for the dinner it would be a good idea to see what is cooking in advance. Remember, many ports have more than one provider option and if you are lucky enough to be near a large port like Chicago, there may be many providers. That can greatly increase the odds of finding both a menu and a romantic small ship cruise that you will enjoy.

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