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Where else but the Great Lakes could you find a golf cruise? Even diehard golfers should get their fill on this Great Lakes cruise.

The golf cruise begins with 18 holes at Niagara falls at the Grand Niagra Resort. From there the Great Lakes cruise liner moves on to make stops for courses at Windsor, Port Elgin, Little Current and Houghton.

The outing lasts for eight days and covers courses from one end of the Great Lakes to the other. These are some of the most scenic and spectacular courses the region has to offer. All of these golf courses offer challenges to the advanced golfer and yet are easy enough for the novice.

They also offer spectacular views and marvelous scenery, as does this Great Lakes cruise in general which follows along some of the most beautiful coastline in the U.S. and Canada.

A problem that many golfers have is a spouse who doesn’t golf. A Great Lakes golf cruise might be just right for such couples. At each stop of this Great Lakes cruise, the golfers are shuttled off for the courses while the non golfing passengers are offered tours of the scenic and historic sites the areas have to offer. These tours run from a powwow on Little Manitoulin Island, to museums, arts and crafts shops, and scenic tours. There is enough variety available in this Great Lakes cruise package for it to qualify as both a golf cruise and a luxury cruise.

This Great Lakes cruise also includes a stop at historic Mackinac Island, where guests will have time to tour the island. Sorry, no motorcars allowed on this island that still maintains many of its Victorian roots, so tours here will be by bicycle, foot, horseback or horse drawn carriage.

The Great Lakes cruise ship will pass by the Mackinac Bridge, which is one of the longest bridges in the world and the longest two-tower suspension bridge in the Western Hemisphere, and from there will move on to the Soo locks, the busiest locks in the world.

The liner that makes this Great Lakes cruise is the Celia II and she is being newly launched in 2009 after extensive renovation. The staterooms are spacious, and on a small boat like this, that means a limited number of staterooms. In fact, there are only 50 and the ship can only handle 100 passengers. So, make reservations early for this Great Lakes cruise.

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