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Those who suffer from nausea and motions sickness know how fast it can ruin any trip. While Great Lakes cruises are generally smoother than their ocean cousins, some passengers still report suffering varying levels of nausea until they adjust to shipboard life. There are a number of remedies for seasickness both conventional ones like Dramamine and unconventional ones like ginger ale and bitters. One intriguing possible cure is called a “Sea Band.”

Sea Bands are available by mail order and at many pharmacies. They nothing more than wrists bands that are sold over the counter in packages of two and are designed to press on the acupressure points to relive nausea. Proponents say Sea Bands will relieve many kinds of nausea from morning sickness to the nausea associated with chemotherapy, anesthesia and other drug therapies.

Whether the bands work for the broad array of ailments that some of the providers would claim, there is enough anecdotal evidence from users to indicate that the bands do, in fact, have some beneficial effect for seasickness. Some users have claimed that the bands have no effect at all, but many others have claimed that the bands have completely cured their motion sickness.

One thing that users often report is the necessity of donning the bands before the cruise. It is best to board the ship wearing them and have them on before the advent of any motion sickness. Apparently, the bands will not cure you if you are already having problems, they will only prevent sickness in the first place.

Sea Bands come in two basic flavors. Regular ones and magnetic ones. The difference is that the latter has magnets in place of the plastic pads that are supposed to press on the inside of your wrist. Some passengers claim that the magnetic ones help them more.

A different, but similar product is an electric ReliefBand. This looks like a good old fashioned wristwatch, but is worn on the inside of the wrist. There are two small electrodes on the backside of the unit which contact the skin and through these a tiny electric charge is passed. Many passengers claim these bands have completely eliminated their seasickness and others have reported that they were able to start using the electric bands even after the advent of illness. The electric charge can also be adjusted up and down to accommodate changing weather and sea conditions. These electric ReliefBands aren’t as common as Sea Bands and as expected, are much more pricey. But, if you are a gadget freak they may be something you will want in your arsenal before you take any Great Lakes cruise.

Like everything else about Great Lakes cruise vacations, the amount a passenger gets out of these sea sickness cures varies based upon the passenger. The best advice is to start with one remedy and have a backup plan.

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