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A Great Lakes cruise can be a wonderful and fun vacation, but first-time cruisers are often unaware of things that long-time cruisers take for granted. This can leave your first cruise vacation with some unnecessarily unpleasant aspect. A bit of forethought can prevent many problems.

For instance, luxury cruise liners often have a lot of things that you can do. The very largest liners may have casinos, shuffleboard courts, a number of restaurants, salons, libraries and other activities that most adults would find pleasant. But, what about people traveling with kids? Consider checking with your cruise line before booking your cruise to see what activities may be available for children. On a short trip lasting a couple of hours most children will be relatively entertained simply by the novelty of the trip. On longer trips, kids will grow bored if there is nothing specifically for them to do. So consider checking with your cruise line to see what activities may be available on board for children. Some of the very largest liners may offer playgrounds and babysitting services, these same services may not be available on very many small ship cruises, so it is definitely worth finding out in advance.

A day cruise may be a good idea for anyone who hasn’t been on a cruise before because this gives you an opportunity to decide if you like cruising while committing no more than a couple of hours of your time and perhaps $40 or $50 of your money. For this small sum you will often wind up with an exciting tour or a very nice meal. If you take your kids along on such a short trip you will have an opportunity to discover how they take to cruising. Do they get sea sick? Do they get bored? These are both questions that you can answer for just a few dollars rather than the many dollars that you might have to commit for a longer cruise.

First-time cruisers and even some veterans sometimes talk about a certain level of disorientation that they experience when they first get onboard ship. The environment is different than you are used to living in, it may be much more congested than you are used to, and it is nearly certain that most of us are not used to walking around on something that is moving under our feet. A day cruise can give you an opportunity to test yourself and see how you enjoy that type of an environment. Even if you have cruise many of times before, it is a good idea to get a map of the cruise ship when you board, and use this to help you navigate around the ship for the first few days. It can make moving through hallways that all look relatively the same much easier.

A Great Lakes cruise can provide the experience of a lifetime. To get the most of it you only need a few slight precautions.

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