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Detroit is located on lake St. Clair at the Southeastern corner of Michigan. It is a metropolitan area that is among the world’s largest cities and much like Chicago, Milwaukee, Duluth and Toronto, is also a stop for many Great Lakes cruise lines.

This year, Detroit has begun construction of a new docking terminal to help handle the arrival of Great Lakes cruise ships and the influx of cruise travelers that they bring. The facility is expected to be completed by 2010. The facility will handle ships as large as 420 passengers and tourists will disembark downtown within sight of the famed Renaissance Center.

Other port cities and towns along the shores of the Great Lakes are also planning improvements to their docking terminals, or trying to find ways to lure the ships from the various Great Lakes cruise lines to stop. Most cruise lines schedule their itineraries one to two years in advance, so there is a good possibility that some of these other towns may also get a chance to host visiting cruise liners in the future.

There are many things these towns can offer to Great Lakes cruise passengers in the line of shore excursions, especially if the towns decide to target cruise passengers with their offerings. Agri-tours, golf tours, lighthouse tours, historical tours, museum tours and simply scenery tours should be available at almost every stop. The Great Lakes Basin has some of the most beautiful scenery in the world and a massive amount of wildlife. In addition, there is world class fishing and golf courses that people travel across the country to reach. The farming throughout this region is state of the art and extensive and all of the metropolitan areas and even some of the smaller cities offer major museums.

Great Lakes cruises are a growing business that can offer many things to many people. New docking terminals like the one being constructed at Detroit will allow the Great Lakes basin to be better explored by tourists and local alike as these terminals will also handle smaller craft.

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