Another company offering Cruises on a tall ship is the Traverse Tall Ship Company.

Their ship is the Manitou, a 114-foot, 24-passenger schooner built in the 1980s. It is a replica of 1800s craft and was specifically built to carry passengers on Great Lakes cruises. The Manitou carries over 3000 square feet of sail and displaces 100 tons of water. Traverse Tall ship company offers two cruises aboard the Manitou per day–an afternoon cruise and an evening cruise. And what cruises they are!

Wednesday evenings are “entertainment nights” with music performed by the group “Song of the Lakes.”

If you like ice cream, you’ll love Monday and Friday afternoons when the tall ship Manitou hosts and ice cream tour of Grand Traverse Bay featuring “Moomer’s” ice cream. Moomer’s ice cream is handmade right in Traverse City by Moomer’s ice cream and dairy, and is reputedly some of the best in the country.

Wine Tasting Cruises. Two nights a week, you can sample various local wines while touring the bay.

If you yearn for a longer experience, the Manitou makes several 4 day cruises every year. For trips of this length, the ship will only carry the 24 passengers its staterooms will hold, so passengers should try to book passage early. The cost is advertised to be $685 per person, double accommodations. These are themed cruises and themes are: astronomy; wine tasting; chocolate and storytelling; and Music. Traverse Tall Ship Company requests that you board the ship for these 4 day excursions between 4-6pm the night before sailing. Minimum passenger age for these cruises is 12.

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