One Great Lakes cruise ship claims to be larger than any other, and the claim just might be true.

Cleveland, Ohio is the home of the Goodtime III, which the owners bill as the “largest quadruple-deck 1,000 passenger luxury ship on the Great Lakes.” At 1,000 passengers it is very possible that the Goodtime III is in fact the largest passenger ship on the Lakes. Lakes liners are normally smaller and only carry 300 to 400 passengers on the largest ships. If the Goodtime III is not physically the largest liner on the lakes it certainly ranks among the elite few in the number of passengers it can carry.

The Goodtime III offers regular sightseeing, entertainment and dinner/dance cruises as well as custom charters. Most of the offerings appear to fall into the “day cruise” category with 2 hours cruises being advertised. The ship is heated and air conditioned and has a canvas enclosed upper deck.

The cruises and tours are on the Cuyahoga River and Lake Erie and include a commentary on the sights provided by an experienced guide. The Goodtime III is large enough to have an onboard pub and both sandwiches, soft drinks and spirits are available.

The Gootime III’s homeport is the East 9th Street Pier in Cleveland and they advertise that this location is next to the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, and the Great Lakes Science Center. This is a convenient location for families looking for a vacation stop with a number of different attractions all at one place. Another plus is that the Goodtime III sails rain or shine since there are enclosed and semi-enclosed decks. This is an important consideration when choosing a Great Lakes cruise vacation. Weather can sometimes pose a hazard for day cruisers. The Goodtime III has taken pains to prevent the weather from damping its passenger’s vacations.

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