One of the most talked about topics on cruise forums is getting stuck with a bad tablemate at dinner. People have complained that their table mates were rude to the waiters and staff and to the other diners. Others have complained about smelly, noisy and sometimes disgusting people being seated at their tables. Sometimes the complaint is as simple as being seated at a table with people who don’t speak the same language. Bad table mates can hamper the fun of a cruise vacation worse than almost anything else.

If bad table mates are ruining your Great Lakes cruise vacation, what should you do? If you have open seating, meaning that you can pick your table and thereby choose your table mates, the situation is as easy to correct as picking a different table next time. But what if your cruise plan has fixed seating, and you are stuck with your table and your mealtime? Should you just try to make the best of it?

The problem really becomes a matter of degree at this point. If the individual is only a minor annoyance it might be more difficult to get relief than if the other diner is a major obnoxious jerk. In either case, you should speak with the dining room manager. It may take some work but you can probably get your seating changed if you explain the situation and are willing to be flexible in the reassignment. Great Lakes cruise lines are in the business of hospitality and they want your cruise vacation to be the best it can be.

There is some really good news when it comes to table mates at dinner on both Great Lakes cruises and other cruise vacations. Through hundreds of accounts, cruisers are all saying basically the same thing–bad table mates are a rarity. The vast majority of repeat cruisers have never had an issue, some after 20 or more cruises. Others have reported that in several dozen cruises, they’ve had 1 instance where they’ve needed to take some action to change tables, straighten out another diner or request someone else be moved.

While a bad table assignment can affect cruising fun, there is no use letting it ruin the Great Lakes cruise vacation of a lifetime.

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