Many people want to take cruise honeymoons in the Great Lakes are an often selected spot for such tours. But that is only part of the fun you can have if you combine your wedding with the Great Lakes cruise.

There are many options available for charter boats large enough to seat several hundred guests for dinner and dancing, and some of these even offer cocktails and live entertainment. Often there is room enough for a dance floor and an area for a wedding ceremony.

The Chicago area has a couple of options large enough to handle this type of event and there are shifts available from Toronto to Minneapolis that are large enough to be able to handle a wedding at sea. These charter boats can be hired by the hour or the day and some will allow you to rent only part of the ship, so if your wedding party is a small one you may want to only hire one deck of a multi-deck ship.

But, this supposes you would be interested in a conventional charter. Remember that the Great Lakes has a number of schooners available for charter and many of these offer meals on board. What could be more romantic or exciting than wedding on a schooner under full sail? Yet another option to consider is one of the paddlewheel boats that still work some of the rivers connecting into the Great Lakes. These boats are often large enough to accommodate over 100 people and some still offer dinner on board.

If you are thinking about planning a wedding at sea, you’ll want to begin scouting charter companies early. Give yourself at least six months of time to find and select a company that you would like to do business with. Sometimes these boats are chartered months in advance, and so you need to leave yourself plenty of time.

Remember that you’ll need to find out if the charter boat has a galley or kitchen, and you’ll need to know if the charter company can provide catering or if you will need to have food brought in from outside. Other questions are: Will the charter company allow you to place decorations on the ship? Will you need your own ushers or will the company provide them? What arrangements can be made for late arrivals? Will the ship be at sea before the wedding or will that take place at the pier?

All of these are things you need to think about when planning a wedding on a charter boat. Getting answers to these questions will take some time to negotiate between yourself and the charter company, and you may need to search further away from home than your own port or city in order to find a charter company that you feel comfortable with.

Try to meet with the staff of the charter company well in advance of your event in order to help ensure that they understand your requirements and can meet them. A little extra time taken a few months in advance can save a lot of the hair pulling people go through as they try to figure out problems at the last minute.

A Great Lakes cruise can make a wonderful honeymoon vacation. It can also make a beautiful and romantic setting for your wedding. The wedding should be enjoyable and memorable. What could be more memorable than taking all of your guests on the charter cruise?

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