Many people have a hard time choosing one Great Lakes cruise from among all of the luxury cruise choices available. No single Great Lakes cruise can universally be called “best.” All of the luxury cruises offer something unique, as do the day cruises and dinner cruises. To decide which cruise to pick, Great Lakes cruisers first have to look at a few of their own personal tastes and determine what it is they want to get out of their cruise.

The first question to ask yourself is how much you are willing to spend. Some Great Lakes day cruises can be had for less than $100. Anyone intent on cruising the Great Lakes for several days on a luxury cruise ship, the cost may run several hundred or more, and the big luxury cruise packages that last 10 or more days are in the range of several thousand. So, before deciding which cruise to book, Great Lakes cruisers first need to decide how much money is in their budgets.

The second question to ask is how much time is available for cruising the Great Lakes. An entire vacation? Only one day? Or, maybe ½ of the vacation cruising the Great Lakes and ½ at a resort or on a road trip. The amount of time and the amount of money available to spend will dictate which trip to select.

The third question potential cruisers should ask is what they truly desire in a Great Lakes cruise. All the luxury of a mini-yacht? Or, are they willing to rough-it a little bit and take a Tall Ship? Are dancing, wine tasting, ice cream socials, extravagant dinner,  or seeing the sights pass slowly by the ship or enjoying the beautiful ports of the Great Lakes more important? All of these activities are available on different Great Lakes cruises, but every passenger has to decide which Great Lakes cruise provides what they are seeking.

Once all of these questions are answered, potential cruisers can begin to pick the ship they might like to cruise on. Great Lakes cruise ships come in a variety of sizes, from small charter boats, to 100 foot tri-masted schooners. Steam powered paddle boats, to mini-cruise liners that are more like mini-yachts.

When the price, the duration, the type of ship and the personal cruise goals are decided, it will be much easier for potential cruisers to decide which Great Lakes cruise is best.

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