Great Lakes cruises often mean a Lake Michigan cruise. And, one of the stops for many Lake Michigan cruises is Manistee. This city on the eastern shore of Lake Michigan calls itself the “Victorian Port City,” and with good reason. A large portion of the city dates from the mid-to-late 1800s. In fact, there is a walking tour available that allows visitors to view a number of historically important homes, and there are a number of small museums dedicated to the history of Manistee, Michigan, and the Lakes themselves.

The port at Manistee began in the 1840s when Europeans first arrived and began logging operations. Michigan in general supplied a large amount of lumber to neighboring states and a lot of Michigan lumber wound up in Ohio after the great fire. Manistee had a hand in producing and shipping that lumber and the port at Manistee was a major employment center.

Today, there are 57 buildings in Manistee that are considered historically valuable and are part of the tour.

Manistee also is the home of the Lake Bluff Audubon Center. The center is located on 76 acres that fronts on Lake Michigan and is set up as an arboreum with specimens of many different trees and also boasts two State Champions, a Sycamore Maple and a Giant Sequoia.

There are a number of restaurants available in Manistee and the downtown port area has a large number of shops available.

This would be a good place to have a comfortable pair of walking shoes as there is a great number of things worth seeing in this Lake Michigan port city. Several Great Lakes Cruise lines make calls at Manistee, but this is not just another port for Great Lakes cruises. Manistee is a city worth visiting anytime you are in Michigan.

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