Great Lakes cruises can make perfect honeymoon trips. Anyone who has gotten married and planned their own wedding can tell you that the stress is incredible. Not only do you have to attend to all of the details about food, beverages, dress and tuxedo; you also have to organize the members of the wedding party and keep petty disagreements from exploding into major wars. By the time many people are finally married, they are more than ready to run away. At that point, the honeymooners need a little luxury.

Many couples have chosen to take a cruise for their first alone time after the wedding. Great Lakes cruises make a very viable option for such a cruise vacation. Great Lakes cruises come in a large number of flexible formats that can run from a few hours to more than a week. These can be intimate dinner cruises or luxury vacations.

Because the Great Lakes are surrounded by Canada and the United States, most people perceive them to be much safer than cruises that go overseas. You are always close to shore and generally in the ports of call you stop at everyone will speak English and accept U.S. or Canadian currency.

On a Great Lakes cruise, the honeymoon couple can be away from all of the stresses of life and yet still close to home. Far enough away that friends and family can’t reach them, yet no so far that they are completely out of reach in an emergency.

How about a tall ship cruise for a honeymoon? There are several options available on the Great Lakes, from short dinner or wine tasting trips that last a couple of hours to longer trips that may last a couple of days.

Or, maybe the choice is a luxury cruise on one of the luxury mini-yachts that cruise the Great Lakes carrying passengers on days and sometimes weeks long trips.

Without a doubt, anyone planning a honeymoon cruise should consider a Great Lakes cruise. While the ports of call aren’t as exotic as some in the Carribean or Hawaii, there also isn’t a long ocean transit to arrive at those ports. And, the Great Lakes provide some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. From rocky caves, to sandy beaches, to massive locks designed to pass ships, to the star touching skylines of cities like Toronto, Detroit and Chicago. A Great Lakes cruise can provide a honeymoon to dream over.

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