At one time, Great Lakes Cruises were very popular and people came from around the world to enjoy them. Then a couple of decades ago came a period when passengers’ interests turned to the Caribbean, Hawaii and other tropical destinations. The availability of Great Lakes cruises slowly faded until there were few operators in the market.

Only during the last decade have Great Lakes Cruises again been growing in popularity. Several reasons for this renewed enthusiasm for Great Lakes cruising seem obvious.

With the news of ocean luxury cruise ships being attacked by pirates and the growing threats our modern world seems filled with, many people are finding it safer to take Great Lakes cruises where they are completely surrounded by the United States and Canada.

Another reason is that budgets are somewhat tighter than they were even a couple of years ago and Great Lakes cruising fits right in with those more stringent requirements. Great Lakes cruises can be only a few hours long or they can last a couple of weeks. You can keep your trip to a simple dinner cruise around one of the many bays or you can choose to sail the entire length of the lakes from Niagara Falls to Duluth, Minnesota.

Some people cruising the Great Lakes are simply finding they enjoy the opportunity to see one of the natural wonders of the earth, the largest single body of fresh water in the world. Along the way, they enjoy the ports of call that often offer a trip back in time.

If you’re worried about Great Lakes Cruises being less luxurious than ocean luxury cruises, you can relax. The larger liners carry a hundred or so passengers in ample staterooms. They offer satellite TV/DVD/VCR, private balconies, multiple lounges, fine dining and have doctors and small hospitals on board. These are really in the class of large luxury yachts and as such, have all of the luxuries and amenities you would expect.

One main difference between a Great Lakes Cruise and an ocean luxury cruise is in the timing. The Great Lakes are only open for cruising during the summer months since these northern lakes tend to freeze over in the winter. So, when you plan your luxury cruise, expect that you will be required to take it sometime between May and September. The rest of the year belongs to the Caribbean, the summer belongs to Great Lakes cruising.

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