The canals that connect the Great Lakes to the ocean can handle ships up to 760 feet long, which makes for very large ships. As a general rule Great Lakes cruise ships are much smaller than that maximum size.

The smaller of the luxury cruise liners that Great Lakes cruise companies use are generally less than 200 feet long. These small liners will have several decks with staterooms, a large dining room, a small ship’s store, shuffle board courts, sun decks, etc. The larger cruise ships are generally only a little larger, but that is still enough to offer private balconies for the staterooms, flat screen satellite TV, multiple lounges, elevators, spas, a library and multiple observation areas.

Great Lakes luxury cruise ships always have a fine salon for dining. The exact type of cuisine will vary between cruise lines. Some Great Lakes cruises offer “home-cooked” meals complete with local fruit and vegetables that are picked up along the way. Other luxury cruises offer five-star cuisine.

Most cruise lines will try to accommodate dietary restrictions. So, when making reservations be sure to discuss any special food needs with the reservations clerk. The time to mention a low-sodium or peanut free diet is before buying the tickets. It makes it much more difficult for the staff to provide for special dietary requirements if they don’t have a chance to plan in advance. On a Great Lakes cruise ship, the chef can’t just send out at the last minute for something he doesn’t have on hand.

If time and money is limited, a day-cruise on a local ferry or small yacht may make more sense than a longer luxury cruise. These boats are smaller than even the smallest Great Lakes cruise ship and generally aren’t equipped with staterooms, lounges, or dining rooms. Most will have a cabin that passengers can ride in to stay out of the wind or to take shelter from rain. Ferries often run short routes from the main land to the islands, or around scenic bays in inlets. Often, the ferries can offer better views of the scenery that the bigger Great Lakes cruise ships because they can maneuver closer to the shore.

There are also dinner cruises available. Unlike the luxury cruises, these short Great Lakes cruises are usually only a couple of hours long and very reasonably priced. They include a high quality dinner, wine tasting, or ice-cream social event for the passengers to enjoy. Often, the Great Lakes cruise ships offering these types of trips are of a special design, meaning they may be tall ships or even steam powered paddle wheelers.

Whether booking a dream luxury cruise, a short day trip to see Mackinaw Island, or an 11-day color tour, there is a Great Lakes cruise ship waiting to show you the Great Lakes.

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