There are lots of ways to see the Great Lakes area, bus tours, car tours, trains. Why take a cruise?

Well,  Lakes cruises offer a whole different way to look at the Great Lakes. Imagine arriving in a different port everyday. A different place to shop, a different place to golf. And you never have worries about getting a hotel room, you bring it right with you along with your very own restaurant.

Cruises offer the budget conscious an opportunity to save. With a cruise, you know in advance what your cost will be. There are no unexpected car repairs to pay for on the road, no worries about finding parking or getting lost on the way through a strange place. Best of all, there are no traffic jams, none of those “orange cone zone” areas that north country road crews are famous for. Just the combined delays from waiting in queue for traffic to move at several of these stops can eat up a major portion of your trip. With a cruise, you leave all that behind when you board ship. No worries about reservations, meals or itinerary. It is all handled for you.

Why cruise the Great Lakes? First, the ships that ply the Great Lakes are smaller than their seagoing cousins and usually carry less than 100 passengers. So, you often have the chance to get to know the crew by name. Some, like the cruise ship Clelia II are like living in a luxury hotel that magically moves from town to town and carries you to the best attractions the area has to offer. Others, like the tall ship Manitou provide a link to the past. Second, lakes cruises are often less pricey than their ocean going kin. This is generally due to the shorter cruise times.

All told, there are dozens of companies offering some form of Lakes cruise. These range from simple dinner cruises around one of the bays to major, week long excursions. Don’t think that a lakes cruise will always be a simple little trip on a simple little boat, either. Some of these trips cover as much distance as a trip across the Atlantic and ships like the Clelia II are state of the art.

When you consider a luxury cruise for your vacation, consider one on the Great Lakes. The offerings are wide and the trips fantastic, whether you are looking for an outright luxury cruise or a simple day cruise around the harbor.

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